Privacy Policy

General Terms

These terms apply to all accommodation and destination services providers at TRIP MAKER SYSTEM (trading as will be said suppliers who have signed an electronic Sales Agreement with TRIP MAKER. By
uploading products and services at TRIP MAKER SYSTEM, the supplier acknowledges and accepts these terms & conditions, together with any appendices In these terms: "we", "us" and "our" mean TRIP MAKER and "you", "your" and "yours" mean the supplier “Bookings” means bookings or reservations for Products; “accommodation” means hotel, motel, apartment, villas, resort; “destination services” means travel services, such as sight-seeing, transfers, car hire, rail tickets and etc; “Central Booking System” means the computer system operated by TRIP MAKER, by which the supplier can upload their products and services at TRIP MAKER SYSTEM or through an XML interface; “tariff” means the list of rates and prices charged by the supplier for their Products and services; “traveler” means the person travelling, i.e. our client or our agent’s client; “TRIP MAKER SYSTEM” means the TRIP MAKER Wholesale & Retail Booking System through website which gives access to the supplier’s products and services.


Travelers with their voucher which must indicate that the Product or services is payable by TRIP MAKER (or another agent if so advised in our confirmation) and must include the TRIP MAKER or other agent booking reference number. Any vouchers not retrieved and presented by the supplier to TRIP MAKER with the suppliers invoice will be your responsibility and you will be billed accordingly.


When a booking, made via the TRIP MAKER SYSTEM or XML Interface, is cancelled at client request or by TRIP MAKER, we will send you a confirmation of cancellation. If booking cancelled after free cancellation period TRIP MAKER is fully liable payment in full against all loss, costs, damages, charges and expenses incurred by us as a result of any cancellation have made. Payment and Charges will be paid as per the price shown on the Booking confirmation. Our invoice may be issued to you electronically. We will invoice you for Bookings immediately after the commencement date of the FIT Product.

Payment / Bill Cycle

TRIP MAKER billing cycle will be 1st day of each month. All the due bookings will be invoiced at the 1st day of the next month, which have passed over free cancellation period of the booking. TRIP MAKER will pay your dues accordingly
to your relevant bank account specified in your registration form.

Supplier’s Responsibilities

Supplier must provide all the accurate information regarding their products and services. They cannot mention theirany contact details when uploading products & services to TRIP MAKER site. All the rates supplied by you are the net rate including all Taxes & service charges. Your provided rates are only for the TRIP MAKER system, which will be resale to the agents of TRIP MAKER through B2B system or to the end clients through B2C system.


If you fail to provide any service or product to TRIP MAKER clients without any genuine cause, which is uploaded by you at the TRIP MAKER SYSTEM. TRIP MAKER holds the right to terminate agreement at any time without prior notice.